About us
Learn the gentle power of reflexology.

Care, compassion and Community

At the Australian School of Reflexology and Relaxation words such as care, compassion and community become an integral part of your learning. Our focus is at the heart of your general well-being and in discovering your significant place in society. We ask; What part can you play in making this world a better place?

Established in 1986, we at the ASRR have built and continue to evolve a holistic based learning environment founded on generations of Reflexology training.

After having delivered Government Accredited Reflexology Courses, we have realised that we operate best by returning to our original roots of reflexology training, bringing in new understanding of today's health requirements and focusing on the sacred art as well as the science of reflexology.

Having gathered worldwide masters, experts and teachers of their field, taking on their years of experience and practice in methodology we have created a forefront of integrated education, focusing on the specialised modality that it is. We pride ourselves on being the best at what we do and share all such knowledge with our students. Distinctive and unique, we accept each pupil is an individual and nurture individual characteristics an inate wisdom . We encourage each student to step into their power and realise their dreams.

We are proud to now offer the RAoA Accredited Certificate of Clinical Reflexology. l

Our course is written by Reflexologists, for Reflexologists and taught by passionate successful Reflexology practitioner educators!! Integrating all that is needed to support and mentor students into private practice.

We build on the community and sense of family with the ASRR and continue with students' journeys well after they graduate, offering a host of post graduate and professional courses, as well as participation opportunities in community projects related to health and wellbeing.
We at the ASRR:
  • Commit to training a balance of practical techniques, scientific knowledge with business awareness and spiritual development in a local, supportive network
  • Believe maturity and life experience makes a successful practitioner - Learning is a sharing of knowledge and we strive to help you draw out your inner knowing.
  • Aim to empower each student to reach his or her potential whilst completing a true, perhaps hidden desire. Gathering and bringing together like-minded and aware individuals that diversify and meet both societies and students needs.

  • We invite you to become part of the family and discover how you too, can make a difference......

    Lyn Fava -Principal

    For course information call 0412 353 385.