Core Values
Core Values
Core values

1. Duty of care

In all we do, say and act, we respect ourselves, other people and our environment. We are accountable for our actions and work for the higher good of all.

2. Teamwork

Between us we have a host of skills; by working as a team we can climb mountains. We are inclusive of all in our care, no man is left standing alone. We are quick to ask -How can I help you?

3. Positive mindset

We begin each day with a positive mindset. When the days are tough we reflect on the bigger picture or recognize the beauty in a moment, knowing we are playing our part in making the world a little better.

4. Excellence

In all aspects of our rolls, we work to the best of our ability; We continue to strive for ways of improving and developing new skills. We take pride in all we do.

5. Fun

We bring a sense of fun, lightness and enjoyment to any activity we are involved with. If it "aint fun no more" we reassess what we are doing.

6. Be memorable

In all we do we strive to be memorable by doing over and above what is expected.