Lyn Fava


Lyn Fava has an extraordinary passion for reflexology and sharing her skills and knowledge in a fun light-hearted manner.

Lyn became interested in the holistic approach to health care in her early days as a nurse in aged care. When reflexology sparked her interest, it was a natural transition for her. It also changed her life.

Now a recognised leader in industry, Lyn has been practicing and studying Reflexology for over 20 years. During this time ,she has set about putting Reflexology on the map.

Under the banner of her Company, Perfect Harmony Group, Lyn opened a multi-modality clinic in the heart of the Melbourne CBD and pioneered the introduction of Reflexology across a large spectrum-in aged care, gyms, government agencies, schools, as well as large state and national organisations.

During this time, Lyn became the Principal of the Australian School of Reflexology and Relaxation. In this role she has been able to contribute to the education and development of the Health Science Training Package materials for The Diploma of Reflexology.

In addition to this , Lyn is a captivating public speaker, fundraiser and event organiser with a delightful humanitarian approach to all things she undertakes.

Although Lyn is quick to acknowledge her good fortune in having had private tuition from Masters from around the world, she has her own particular style as evidenced by her move towards Sacred Reflexology. Always a visionary, Lyn is excited about this art and science and sharing it with younger generations and the young at heart.