Nonie Crozier

Nonie is a Professional Reflexology Practitioner, Retired Registered Nurse(Div1). She has diverse nursing experience of 45 years including Acute Care (including Discharge Planning), Community Health, Disability, Continence Management, Midwifery, Oncology and Palliative Care along with qualifications in Vibrational/Energetic healing and Colour and Image Consultancy with a particular interest in healing with colour. Nonie is a Professional Member of Reflexology Association of Australia.

Nonie was introduced to Reflexology by Suzanne Enzer's workshop at The International Holistic Nurses Conference in Lorne Victoria 2000. Reflexology attracted her, due to its ability to pinpoint disharmony within the body. By palpating particular point/reflexes on the feet, hands, face and ears, one is able to feel congestion and changes in the texture of the client's skin/tissue. The method of re-balancing the body is achieved by stimulating these points/reflexes. There can be tenderness whilst working these point and the greater the tenderness the greater the congestion. Stimulation of these point/reflex helps bring the body back into balance. Once this tenderness is reduced the massage creates a profound and deep relaxation to help relieve stress and heal the body at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Nonie has her own Sole Reflexology Practice and has been caring for her clients for the last 14 years. She has been educating students both at the Australian school of Reflexology and Relaxation for the past 5 years and EastWest College for the last year. Her intention is to help empower her clients and students with knowledge and experience of how the body works and how to experience relaxation, restoration and revitalisation of Reflexology.

"It is a real privilege to be able to work in conjunction my clients and see the amazing results we can get together through Reflexology. To share this knowledge and expertise with my student also gives me a great deal of satisfaction"

Cate Brown

Cate is a Wholistic Health Practitioner with over 30yrs experience as a registered nurse and holistic health practitioner using Reflexology, Acupressure, Body, Mind, Spirit awareness to enhance wellness.Cate was a trainer in the aged care sector Reflexology compliments all these modalities for the healing of a persons wellbeing - mind, body & spirit.

Cate has worked extensively with the elderly in Aged Care using Reflexology to deliver a pain management program. "Reflexology keeps people well" she says, noticing the increase in movement, circulation and the beaming relaxed smiles following treatments. Reflexology is a wonderful tool to bring deep relaxation and ease not only physical trauma but very effective to help release emotional trauma stored in the body.

A passion of Cate's is to share the Art of Reflexology so more people can benefit from this effective, holistic, non- invasive, very accessible modality.

A natural teacher with a passion for sharing knowledge,Cate has provided education in aged care practices and well as theoretical and practical subjects of the HLT52515 Diploma of Reflexology. Currently teaching introduction to Reflexology and The Certificate of Clinical Reflexology with the Australian School of Reflexology and Relaxation. Cate also practices in her private clinic.


Post Graduate/ Associated Presenters

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