General Interest - Learn Reflexology - Skills to help reduce healthcare bills.
Learn Reflexology - Skills to help reduce healthcare bills.

Fr Josef Eugster is a Catholic priest ministering in China - looking for ways to help his congregation, he stumbled upon Reflexology, realising its potential to assist with pain and illness. After recognising a crisis in the Chinese healthcare system, he had a mission that one member of each household would learn Reflexology to aid the healthcare of their family. Due to the success of his work, he was awarded an International Humanitarian Award.

With so many funding cuts in Australia, we also face problems in the healthcare industry. Is traditional western medicine the only way to go? We have at our fingertips the ability to help people with illness, and work in conjunction with the allied healthcare system.

The Australian School of Reflexology offers a Government recognised Diploma in Reflexology for those wishing to become professional Reflexologists.

Yve and I have been fortunate enough to have recently trained at the International Institute of Reflexology in Florida. Dwight Byers, the nephew of Eunice Ingham, tutored us. Eunice is the Mother and founder of modern day Reflexology. The skills we learnt, even after 15 years experience was extraordinary. This modality is continuing to develop and is a sleeping giant for healthcare.

We now also offer a certified 200-hour Reflexology course. Perfect for those wishing to work on family and friends, or as a professional if they currently hold a Diploma of Massage, Beauty, Nursing or similar. This course is certified with the International Institute of Reflexology.

We are the only school in Australia licensed to teach the Original Ingham Method of Reflexology.

Our school draws on generations of knowledge. We offer a caring, small class environment suited particularly to the mature student. We also offer ongoing support, postgraduate workshops and assistance with business development.
Students graduating from the ASRR are the preferred Reflexology contractors for Perfect Harmony corporate and aged-care services. We offer the complete package. If you have been thinking about changing careers, or learning a truly useful skill, then call me to discuss the perfect course for you.

If this is for you.... act now! Good health is in your hands.
Lyn Fava - Principal ASRR
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