General Interest - Reflexology for Mothers and Babies
Reflexology is an ancient art, which has been passed down form generation to generation all over the world.

How does reflexology work?

Reflexology promotes balance in physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels of the body by:
Improving circulation
Reducing stress and tension
Boosting the body's lymphatic function
Easing aches, pains and discomfort
Assisting the body's natural healing processes.
Providing a sense of wellbeing

When a person is healthy, energy moves freely along specific paths. However, energy is impeded through tension, congestion, imbalance or sluggishness within a system then all those organs and internal structures that lie in the energy path have a potential to succumb to disease.
It is well recognised that reflexology delivers significant benefits to body and mind, thus assisting many people to reclaim their health and perform to their maximum potential.

What does a reflexology session involve?

A full reflexology session takes approximately 1 hour.
You need only expose your feet or hands thereby reducing embarrassment, self-consciousness or possible vulnerability Reflexology is also perfect for self help by working tender reflex areas on your hand or feet

Try a 5 minute massage on the baby's feet after their bath, or nappy change.
Who can benefit from reflexology?

Babies- Gently massage lower instep of sole to assist with colic
Gently press on the balls of their feet to assist with relaxation.

Children- massage whole foot. Reflexology has proven beneficial to help calm over active or anxious children
Adolescents- helpful in assisting young girls with menstrual problems or balance hormones in teenagers as they navigate puberty.
Women trying to conceive- reflexology assists in the relief of stress and tension assisting the body to balance, preparing for conception
Pregnant women-assists in relieving morning sickness, swollen ankles, changing hormonal levels, relieving aches (eg. sciatica) and helps bring the body and mind into balance, preparing for the birth Mothers- having reflexology after the birth of a baby is a beautiful way to help bring your body back into balance. It helps mothers adjust to changes as she benefits from some much needed nurturing. A reflexology treatment is a pleasant time out from the demanding needs of the family, as you adjust to lack of sleep, feeding and daily living requirements. We have all heard the saying " A relaxed mother makes for a relaxed baby".

My Experience- Reflexology and colic

I find it fascinating to work with Mother and Baby. In some cases mothers come to reflexology because their baby is suffering from sluggish bowel, or colic. In these cases I hold the baby in my arms as the mother rest on the massage table. I energetically seek permission from the baby to work its feet. I gently work on the reflexes relating to the bowel (lower instep). As soon as the baby has had enough they start to wriggle. I then return the baby to the mother, and proceed to work on her feet. It is fascinating to find that the reflexes relating to the baby's condition are tender in the Mother (where they may not have been before). I work quite deeply on the mother. The results are amazing..(Yes, bowels open). Mother and baby are so closely linked, if there is an issue with the child I always like to work on the Mother to relax her and help bring her body back into balance. In so doing, also assisting the baby.

Lyn Fava - Principal ASRR