General Interest - The Sleeping Giant
Reflexology.... the sleeping giant

There is a simple beauty to reflexology that that has a gentle way of helping the body to heal. It incorporates the power of touch with finely tuned reflexology techniques to work reflex points that relate to all of the bodies glands, organs and other components. We can do all of this through exposing only the feet or hands. I have been blown away by the way we have been able to assist the elderly in aged care facilities through our volunteer reflexology if nothing else, helping improve their quality of life through companionship, and gently stimulating nerve endings, improving circulation, easing aches and pains as we gently work their hands.

My goal is that every aged care facility in Australia has a reflexologist. I look at our hospital system and aged care system, whilst there have been some amazing breakthroughs with medical treatment, there remains a part that will always benefit from the human touch, and performing reflexology to assist the body back to balance. The beauty of reflexology is that it can work in conjunction with the current medical model. I look to the future and ask myself what would I like if I required aged care assistance or in fact long term rehabilitation. Once my physical needs have been met, top of my list is regular reflexology I begin my mission to bring to others what I would value if I were in their position.

We at the Australian School of Reflexology and Relaxation have a team of highly qualified reflexology trainers. All have vast industry experience and a passion for reflexology. We all believe that the time has come to integrate reflexology into the allied health care system, particularly aged care, palliative, and rehabilitation areas. We are looking to form partnerships with these health areas to provide reflexology to these patients as part of student clinic hours and research projects. Our goal is to validate reflexology's place in the modern medical arena. The ASRR has deep foundations upon which to grow. We continue to strive to gain a greater understanding of how the human body works- body, mind and soul through research, education and community service.

Now we are beginning to awake!.

If you are moved by this then call me to discuss course opportunities email: [email protected] or Phone: 03 97497946

Lyn Fava- Principal ASRR