Bowen / Spinal Techniques
Professional Development Bodyworkers

Professional Development Bodyworkers

Presenter: Tito Pignetti

Neural Skeletal Techniques

Get ready for a weekend of hands on fun & learning. No matter what your current profession is, you will come out of this workshop with life changing information. I first studied Bowen Therapy in 2002 and the techniques & benefits to my clients were outstanding. The body's response to human touch is incredible. Importantly, the body's response to specific touch is magnificent! The most important details I didn't learn during my Diploma in Myopractic (Advanced Bowen) was 'Philosophy'.
I will go through in depth on the Friday evening the philosophical underpinnings to these Bowen techniques & explain the difference between a 'tight' or 'knotted' muscle (this is what's taught in Bowen/Massage) & a working one.
On Saturday we will practice these techniques from Pelvis to Cervical. Even if you've studied Bowen, you will understand it from a much more logical & in depth perspective! I don't know about you but I like to know why my clients are feeling & functioning better. If Bowen was only about making my clients feel better, or help with headaches or sciatica, my life would be a sad one.
The muscles from the pelvis & spine help control the efficiency of our neural system from brain to all our organs & glands which in turn secrete the chemicals that control & coordinate all systems in our bodies. Now that's magnificent!
Come and join me on this weekend to an introductory, fun & extraordinary look at how these techniques improve the movement & function of our human body.
Looking forward to seeing you there.
Tito Pignetti
Days: Friday 5pm - 9pm & Saturday 10am - 4pm
Dates: TBA November 2013

Dates: Venue: 9 Synnot Street, Werribee VIC 3030

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Fri 5pm - 9pm, Sat 10am - 4pm
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