Feet Reading
Workshop Presenter: Lyn Fava

Feet Reading

Window to the soul Workshop

The souls of the feet reflect the physical and emotional state of the body. By looking at the foot characteristics we gain an insight as to how you perceive yourself and how this impacts stress on the body.

We invite you to join us on this feet reading workshop,
where YOU will be taken on a journey of SELF-discovery.

You will:
  • Be introduced to the seven body chakras and their associated archetypes
  • Gain an insight to the meaning of the size, color, shape of the feet and all those lumps and bumps
  • This information will give you the basis on which to develop feet reading.

    What your feet really say about you!
    (extract from Feet Reading article written by Lyn Fava)

    Size of the foot:
    Big feet:

    These are the party people. People who are capable of making a big impact. May have a tendency to put their "foot in their mouth". They are the people with presence when they walk in the room.
    Small Feet:
    These people tend to be the quiet achievers. They pick their way through life more delicately. They are more comfortable behind the scenes. They are not comfortable being the centre of attention.
    Wide feet:
    Broadminded, grounded down to earth.
    Narrow feet:
    Focused, does not get easily side tracked

    Learn so much, much more...
    This workshop will give you the basis on which to develop feet reading.

      Dates: TBA

      Time: 10am -4pm

      Venue: ASRR Werribee, 9 Synnot St,Werribee, Vic

      Cost: $300

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