High Tea Spectacular 2017 Thank you
On Sunday 22nd Werribee rotary held its augural High Tea Spectacular. The aim was fundraising event for a ROCAN Wellness Cancer Centre and Wellbeing/ Hands on Learning Programs for Wyndham Central College. BUT we all got so much more. What we achieved was a coming together of many community partners, a pooling of resources, an application of student vocational skills and creation of dreams. The focus for the day was to embrace the feminine qualities that contribute to our community's wellbeing. This was demonstrated through fabulous food, colourful flowers, wonderful speakers, enthusiastic musical entertainment with raffles, auctions, artwork, gifts and a weekend wrapped in a spirit of generosity. There was a large amount of people involved to make this project the success it was. The Colleges' contingent was headed by Vice Principal Connie Faranda and Principal Leanne Gagatsis, teachers, staff (all who gave freely of their time) and of course the heroes of the day, the students. This project offered a real life vocational experience for the Wyndham Centrals College's Students. The students exceeded all expectations. I would like to express my deep gratitude for the exceptional work of the High Tea Subcommittee: Sandra Tucker, Bianca Pante, Rebecca Coulson,Therese Daddy, Katherine Williams, Gail Squires, Mel Shaw, Jodie Archer. It was lovely to see some of the daughters coming along to assist as well. The presenters PDG Julie Mason, Yvonne Moon, Neona, and Arte' Ma were wonderful. A heartfelt thank you to all the Rotarians and Friends of Rotary who assisted to make this a successful pilot event. An overview of the results: * There were 114 guests.,B. Additional assistance from the Community: * 53 students * 13 Rotarians * 10 teachers * 55 community contributors and sponsors   The students were engaged in various vocational experiences including: * Hospitality * Food Technology * Visual Arts * Performing Arts * Horticulture   The event raised $8,770 and realised a profit of $7,647.        The profit has been distributed to:   * RoCan Cancer Wellness Centre, (Two thirds) * Wyndham Central College. (One third) Further engagement: * Annual High Tea event to be added to VCAL curriculum. The best news is that Yvonne Moon OAM, from RoCan, announced that the land for the Cancer Wellness Centre has been purchased in River Walk Werribee. So, looking forward to next year ..what a great step forward to supporting health and wellbeing in the West.    Thank you to all involved for your part in making this dream a reality. Lyn