2018: New year, new course, new beginnings
"2017 was called a Year of Learning How to Claim Self as the source of our well-being"
"2018 a year of shake-ups as You Begin to balance the scales", according to the Channeling's of Gabriel thru Ron Baker.

We at the ASRR have had the opportunity to claim self and explore what truly bring us joy when sharing our skills, knowledge and wisdom of reflexology. Having taken our Reflexology course, revised, refreshed, borrowed for the Advanced Practitioner style, updated with relevant parts of our Diploma Course, thrown in some deeper understanding of the sacred and the roll the feet and reflexology plays in grounding the new consciousness, we are now ready to deliver our RAoA Certificate of Clinical Reflexology.

The new structure allows us to focus back on the practitioner first.... a journey of self-discovery ... to prepare our graduates as Professional Reflexologists. We are preparing for reflexology playing an important role as part of the new emerging functional healthcare system.

We are ready to get the word out there, in a gentler more holistic way. We are going back to the small classes located in the regional areas, making this course suitable for people looking for a hands-on healing modality that will suite a change in lifestyle income stream.
* Be it for the Mother who is ready to work around children, gaining valuable skills to assist with family health;
* the nurse who would like to add more tools to their tool box, improving quality of care for self and others;
* the retiree wanting to learn some skills that can add a little income, sense of purpose and value to their lifestyle;
* perhaps those that just have a deep desire to assist in the wellbeing of others.

As there are few Vocational Colleges offering professional Reflexology courses we feel a responsibility to hold the flame here in Victoria. I ask or invite you to help us to get the word out there.

I would be grateful if you would share it with those that you feel may be interested. Sometimes you need to jump in feet first ....

Next course starts 17th March 2018

More information and downloads are available is on this website under Certificate of Clinical reflexology
If you would like further information please feel free to call me on 0412 353 385
Or email [email protected]

Wishing you joy, happiness and laughter, Lyn