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The Key Benefits of Reflexology


Deeply relaxing, reflexology relieves stress and tension, thereby assisting our parasympathetic nervous system. As the majority of disease today is a result of stress and tension, reflexology supports wellbeing from a root level.

Connecting Mind Body Soul

Reflexology can bring instant relief to minor ailments, calm deeply embedded emotions and bring about peace of mind. All of which are essential to a balanced and wholistic approach to life.

Improve nerve function

The human foot has over 7,200 nerve endings. Reflexology assists in opening up and cleaning out neural pathways to help improve the functionality of nerves and cells in various organs in the body.

Improve circulation

If simply walking improves circulation, imagine what a systematic approach to accessing all of the reflexes associated with cardiovascular and lymphatic systems.


Improving blood flow and improved nerve function supports the functioning of organs and glands. This enhances the body’s ability to eliminate harmful toxins

Caring touch

Reflexology provides the opportunity for human connection. Nonprocedural touch. The reflective aspects of the feet also provide validation of your physical and emotional state… and a helping hand to heal from a soul level.

Maintain wellbeing

Like any well-oiled machine, our bodies need maintenance to ensure all systems are working well. Reflexology provides the perfect tune-up supporting vitality and rejuvenation.


Reflexology may be used in conjunction with medical treatment. It works beautifully in a functional health care team, supporting a wholistic approach to wellness and healing.

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