This comprehensive three-day program, conducted at Level 3, offers participants ample time for content assimilation and subsequent engagement in theoretical examinations and practical assessments. It encompasses the acquisition of skills in delivering and receiving therapeutic massages, as well as the art of crafting bespoke oil blends to enhance the client experience. Successful completion of this course will result in the attainment of a valuable qualification to augment one’s professional skill set and service offerings.

  • Theory exam paper topic
  • Treatment, Physical and psychological effects of massage using pre-blended oils, No of questions per paper – 4
  • Contra-indications, contractions and safety precautions of using pre-blended oils -4
  • After care and home care – 2
  • External assessment method: Multiple Choice Question Paper
  • Duration of external assessment: 15 minutes
  • Pass mark: 60%
  • Grading: Pass, Merit or Distinction
  • Course cost $1000
  • Course kit and books $500
  • Optional more in depth lessons on essential oils are available online at no extra cost.