Maternity Reflexology Course is designed to provide participants with a basic understanding of women’s fertility and pregnancy.

Course Description

Maternity Reflexology Course is designed to provide participants with a basic understanding of women’s fertility and pregnancy. It enables participants to use the principles and practices of reflexology to support these life experiences. The course also includes information about the development of the incoming soul, with its manifestation on the mother’s feet and reflexology care for the newborn baby.

Delivery of Course:

The course is conducted over 2 x 2 day workshops (30 hours) and is a mixture of theory, discussion and practical work.

  • The first workshop covers the basics of the female pelvis, and the time from pre-conception until the end of pregnancy.
  • The second workshop covers the Incoming soul and pregnant feet, birthing and the postnatal period.

It is recommended that there is 3 months between the workshops to give participants choosing to complete the certificate course, time to start the case studies using the maternity reflexology techniques. Participants who have maternity reflexology experience may undertake part 2 without time period.

General Information

Maternity Reflexology is a Postgraduate course for Reflexologists. Pre-requisites:

  • Anatomy and physiology (minimum 50 hours)
  • Certificate of Reflexology, Diploma of Reflexology or equivalent reflexology experience (min 40 hours)

Certificate Course

To qualify for the Post-Graduate Certificate of Competency in Maternity Reflexology, participants are required to complete the two workshops, assessments, all six module assignments, four case studies and a short reflective journal. All requirements are to be completed to the standards required by Sole to Soul Maternity Reflexology within 12 months of completing workshop 2.

Interest Course

Reflexologists can choose to attend the workshops as an interest course only and will receive a Statement of Attendance and 15 CPD points per workshop for RAoA or professional body annual requirements.


  • Julie Marchetti (WA)

    Undertaking Maternity Reflexology training that I have completed with Dr Lyndall Mollart has made a significant difference to my skills, knowledge and confidence when working with maternity reflexology clients. The course covered a lot of information, delivered in concise chunks that were easy to absorb. The structure was clear, logical and effective and being able to draw from Dr Lyndall’s extensive knowledge as a midwife and a professional reflexologist ensured I was more than adequately trained. But the course wasn’t only just about learning new knowledge, I found the main benefit came from doing my case studies, receiving individual feedback and the course interaction with Lyndall and other participants.

    This format gave me the confidence to implement these new to me techniques and training. Not only was the course both fun and challenging, but Lyndall’s calm and logical method of teach truly connected and inspired me. I flew across Australia twice to complete this course and I can’t speak highly enough of Lyndall and this method of maternity Reflexology.