Course Description

The Award in Education and Training is a highly accredited ITEC course
which will kick start their careers in training. Recognised worldwide;
an ITEC qualification will help you wherever you choose to work.

Anyone wishing to train in their area of expertise will require an
Education and Training qualification.

The course is open to everyone such as reflexologists aromatherapists
reiki yoga instructors Sports Massage therapists, holistic therapists,
beauticians, fitness instructors, gym instructors, personal trainers
etc. This qualification teaches you how to teach regardless of the
subject matter that you wish to teach.

This course is online (with tutor support) and can be completed in
your own time but on average takes between 6 months.

There are no pre-requisites for this course, you don’t need any
previous teaching experience.

Subjects to be studied

  • roles and responsibilities in education
  • inclusive teaching
  • assessments

If you would like to chat further please make contact through email [email protected] or 0411857058