“There is an incredible interaction between man and the cosmos” – Lee Anthony Taylor


The Australian School of Reflexology and Relaxation is proud to announce our Second Masterclass of 2021 on How the Planets Shape Our Health, presented and written by one of the world’s top reflex teachers Lee Anthony Taylor.


Are your moods sometimes affected by inexplicable forces seemingly beyond your control? Do you feel as if you are being supported by some benevolent energy that allows good fortune to come your way after times of great difficulty? Then look to the heavens and you may be given some clues as to where this celestial intervention may be derived from.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, all of our planetary neighbours have a profound influence on us: an influence that ebbs and flows in regular cycles. Sometimes it works for us; sometimes it challenges us. It does not discriminate, although most women may be more in tune with its patterns through their menstrual cycle and its link with the phases of the moon, for instance.

General awareness is growing, however. We are entering a new phase of connection not only among ourselves but also between our planet and its neighbours. This has enormous health benefits for us as individuals as well as collectively for the human race. 

The discovery and exploration of how the planets in the solar system shape our health is an inspiring journey. 

The messages received from exploring this domain provide a way for the layperson and professional practitioner alike to develop therapeutic and diagnostic skills; to look deeper into one’s own life history and to have an insight into the possible future to assess where their health patterns may be taking them.

Webinar Overview

Lee Anthony Taylor will be presenting a two-part webinar looking at:-

  1. Why do so many children ‘grow out’ of asthma around the age of 14?
  2. Why does arthritis affect most people in their fifties instead of their forties?
  3. What is really meant by going into your ‘second childhood’?

Whether we’re conscious of it or not, all of the planets have a constant influence on us, every day of our lives. This influence ebbs and flows in regular cycles. Women tend to be more aware of these subtle changes than men, because of the effect of the moon on their menstrual cycle and their moods, but awareness among the general population is growing. 

This two-session webinar will demonstrate how each of the seven major planets of the alchemical tradition affects specific bodily organs and relates to human health in repeating patterns throughout life. This knowledge can add valuable information to the case-taking process and shed extra light on our patients’ conditions and progress. 

As natural therapists, this knowledge enables us to understand why certain people are prone to specific ailments and to accurately predict whether their conditions represent simply a passing phase or something more permanent. 

By using this method of predicting health patterns, a therapist can work with the body as it enters a new cycle and understand more clearly where the patient’s energy needs to be directed. All that is needed to start the process is a date of birth.

Exciting, inspiring, revealing and fun, ‘How the Planets Shape our Health’ will make you realise that we are not alone in the universe and that there is an incredible interaction between man and the cosmos.

Who Can Join the Class?

Lee is very excited to be presenting this to reflexologists and bodyworkers, who already fully appreciate the necessity of a more balanced approach in their practice.

This webinar may leave you inspired to view our planets from a different perspective.