Workshop Overview

The soles of the feet reflect the physical and emotional state of the body. By looking at the characteristics of the feet we gain an insight as to how you perceive yourself and what may be the root cause of dis-ease in your life.…..areas where you are away from your soul path, so as you can do something about it.

You are invited you to join Lyn in this interactive foot reading workshop, where YOU will be taken on a journey of SELF DISCOVERY,  gaining insights and tools to assist you to embrace the change that is upon us, and perhaps view things from a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE.

Who can join the class?

Feet Reading : Window to the Soul workshop is suitable for those with some knowledge or interest in natural therapies and the mind-body connection, is interested in sharing their journey, whilst learning and growing with other like-minded souls.

We also welcome those of you who have wondered what you can do to make a difference and help people through this changing time.

But, let’s first, spend some time helping YOURSELF prepare. “Healer heal thyself”.

Our Webinar Includes

  • An overview of feet reading and how the feet reflect the mind-body and soul.
  • The 7 body Chakras and their associated archetypes.
  • Reading feet and discovering the meanings of the size, colour, and changes from the norm (and all those lumps and bumps and fascinating irregularities).
  • Discover tools to help yourself, clients or family and friends
  • Practice in applying this wisdom and insight by reading classmates’ feet.
  • Reflecting on the discoveries and realisation made during the week.


  • Alicia P.

    My major realisation was that control in any form serves me no purpose. Control only forms and holds the physical pain in my body. I have learnt when I am present and honest with my feelings and emotions as they arise allows me to heal and move forward-releasing physical pain in my body. I have learnt to let go of my need to control outcomes in my life. I would like to thank you everyone in the group for sharing their stories and I hope to get to see you in person in future reflexology study.

  • Mafalda B.

    I highly recommend that all Reflexologists do this course! Informative, interactive and utterly enjoyable. Feet reading gives an added dimension to a foot treatment and is a great way to learn how to understand better the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states of a person. Great presentation by Lyn Fava. Thank you so much for helping me take a deeper dive into my inner self.

  • Bettina P.

    Thank you Lyn for so openly, generously and professionally sharing your wisdom and knowledge with us during the feet reading webinar. I have both gained knowledge regarding feet reading and obtained wisdom about myself. Highly recommend this workshop webinar. Thank you!

  • Anna B.

    Meeting and learning with like minded people was an inspiration to me. I was so mesmerised and in harmony with what we learnt. Lyn the facilitator was empowering and I felt that what I learnt benefited me greatly. (I am a qualified Massage Therapist and Reiki practitioner). I can highly recommend this workshop. Well done Lyn 🙂

  • Joan C.

    To Lyn & ASRR, I would like to thank you for providing the 8 week course on Reading the Feet. It was a great course, learning so much from a very competent leader in Lyn. For a practicing Reflexology this course is so important for further helping one's client. Very happy that other courses are offered, for example, Planets that shape our health, which I am booked into to attend. Thank you Lyn for your hard work in extending our learning opportunities.

  • Justine W.

    This Feet Reading course is fabulous! I highly recommend it to everyone. It is so much more than just a foot related course - it also takes you on a 8 week journey of self healing and self awareness. I learnt so many things about myself and now I am excited to share this new knowledge with both loved ones and future clients. I loved learning about all the chakras and spending a week "living” in each chakra across the 8 week course. Giving time and attention to each, brought up so much healing for me and things that I never expected. A truly transformative experience! Words will not be able to convey how grateful I am to Lyn for sharing her abundant knowledge, love and energy with us all. Go ahead and book this course for yourself, you will have no regrets at all!

  • Mandy K.

    This noticeable shift by working at a deeper level with my client, further validated my strong belief in Sacred Reflexology. It was a huge benefit to attend this workshop to enhance my Traditional Reflexology skills.


  • Chrissie S.

    I was so inspired to share the space with a great group of woman and learnt a lot from Lyn’s hands on approach, immense knowledge and easy teaching style. I am absolutely fascinated by the concepts taught, especially learning to ‘read the feet’ in relation to emotions and understanding more about the connection to our chakras.

  • Leanne B.

    Sacred reflexology resonated right to my core. From the foot bath to basic feet reading, I have learnt to get 'out of my head' and listen to my innate knowing. This has enabled me to provide a treatment from soul to sole.