Reflexology is a natural , safe effective complementary therapy.

There are reflex points on the hands that reflect all our body parts. By working these points we are able to relax the and relaxing the body by relieving anxiety and tension and improve well being.

Lyn and ASRR invite you to join us in a 1 day, hands-on workshop to learn some basic theoretical background, concepts and application of hand reflexology and reflexology relaxation techniques.

Our 6-hour introductory workshop is perfect for those wanting to perform a simple hand reflexology treatment ,and receive a little pampering along the way.

Upon completion, you will be able to provide a basic relaxing reflexology treatment on friends, family, or those in your care.

If you’re considering an ASRR professional reflexology course then what better way to, EXPERIENCE the benefits and beauty of reflexology.

Included in the workshop

  • Introduction to reflexology philosophy
  • Awareness of Precautions and contra indications
  • Guide to working with children, elderly, or people with special needs
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Basic reflexology techniques
  • Reflexology student manual
  • Certificate of completion

Good health and wellbeing is in YOUR HANDS


  • Lisa T.

    I have been doing brief foot treatments with some clients - soaking in essential oils and Epsom salts and then massage and it has been so much fun, enjoyment all around and healing. I’ve noticed how much tension people carry through their feet and the differences between people that pray/meditate and those that have dementia or anxiety issues. It’s amazing! People are left feeling so much more relaxed and just feeling thankful and peaceful…mission accomplished! Thank you Lyn for opening this world to me. That workshop and all that you do is not in vain and is helping many in ways that the world really needs now more than ever 🙂

  • Chrissie S.

    Beyond Grateful. Loved every minute!!!

  • Debbie K.

    It was like attending a healing retreat with the added bonus of lots of knowledge to take home and share with Loved ones! Thank you so much

  • Becky T.

    Lyn is a great teacher who has patience and warmth. I feel confident to practise reflexology on friends and family. This workshop leaves me feeling like I want to learn more