Improving Mental Wellbeing with Reflexology

With Lee Anthony Taylor and Australian school of reflexology and relaxation.


It seems ironic that mental wellbeing, as opposed to mental illness, is an aspirational quality for many of us.

The pandemic has done nothing to ease the mental health crisis as more and more people have to focus on keeping themselves well rather than relying on agencies.

Being kept apart and isolated has instilled fear and doubt about own resilience and our capabilities.


This two-session course is designed to assist in strengthening the road to recovery by examining:

  • Triggers and maintaining causes
  • Prevention and self-sabotage
  • How we can restore self-worth and a sense of purpose
  • Diet and its effects on the stress hormonal system

We can weave our reflexology work with this information and tailor-make a treatment process that is ideal to combat stress, whether it is a bad day or dealing with clinical depression. This work is backed up by looking at key reflexes, for instance those within the small bowel.

Using reflexology techniques, along with simple human empathy, can make a massive difference in the lives of people who feel disjointed from the world they live, reconnecting them back to their bodies and giving them a different perspective on their health and wellbeing.

Join this inspirational course to assist many people just when they need it most.