Event Description

With the current acceleration of Universal energies deliberately throwing individuals ‘off their feet’, many believe they must have been ‘out of their minds’ to ever have ‘set foot on earth’

In desperation, the past is fiercely clung onto, used as a shield or excuse, preventing the present, the ‘gift of now’, from being fully appreciated. Although much is gained from the past, dwelling there becomes far from healthy.

This is an exceptionally exciting, albeit confusing and frustrating, time to be on earth and it’s a privilege to be a part of the rapid changes presently taking place

As the momentum increases, evoked memories play havoc with e-motions, creating a perplexing turmoil. The tendency to point fingers and pass on blame only ‘makes matters worse’, putting otherwise manageable situations way beyond reach.

Yet changing all this ‘doom and gloom’ is surprisingly easy! The moment feet ‘step in’, there’s a clearer under-standing of ‘what’s a-foot’, along with the realisation that being fully present is powerful. Life becomes an on-going experience of joyous sensations, intermingled with much needed challenges, to make sure the mind, body and spirit ‘stay on their toes’.

You are invited to enjoy this truly fascinating presentation and find out more about how to embrace and reposition chaotic memories, as well as misleading beliefs, so that they can be utilised in worthwhile and soul enriching ways, with the feet, always ‘at hand’, to show the way!


I very much enjoyed Chris’ presentation and there was so much information that was insightful and thought provoking. Her style and enthusiasm really are infectious and she totally encourages everyone to have fun with healing! This information very much expands my previous concept of looking at the body and feet!  I now consider this a treasure map to self awareness. Thank you