“This latest information will revolutionise your case-taking” – Lee Anthony Taylor


The Australian School of Reflexology and Relaxation is proud to announce our first Masterclass Series in 2021. A webinar on Correspondences & Correlations, presented and written by one of the world’s top reflex teachers Lee Anthony Taylor.


Did you know that midwives are trained to encourage mothers to relax their jaws during childbirth? Why? – because this relaxation has a corresponding effect on the pelvis.

Did you realise that the bags under our eyes reflect the current state of our kidney health? Why? – because they are considered counterparts that highlight each other’s wellbeing.

Webinar Overview

These are two amazing examples of what happens in utero when body parts are formed in pairs, as the embryo grows. By seeing that these pairs of ‘structures’ exist, we can correctly assume that the qualities that exist in the one must also exist in the other. It also follows that when one structure is not performing efficiently, then the other half of the ‘pair’ will also underperform or have to overcompensate.

Using the established science of embryology as a guide, this lecture will provide numerous examples of correspondences and counterparts. It will also direct the therapist towards the real root cause of disease. Looking at sections of the body, we will demonstrate their close bond to each other and illustrate how disease migrates.

By adopting this innovative approach in our case taking, we can get to the heart of the issues surrounding a patient’s illness, and help them to move forward out of stagnation.
It’s all about thinking outside the obvious, about what is presented on the surface and making the connection between parts of the human anatomy that are reliant on each other for overall good health.

Who Can Join the Class?

Lee Anthony Taylor will be presenting this topic over a two-part webinar.

We are very excited to be presenting this to reflexologists and bodyworkers, who already fully appreciate the necessity of a more balanced approach in their practice.