The Australian School of Reflexology and Relaxation is proud to announce our Q & A Masterclass on Fertility and Maternity Reflexology, presented and written by one of the world’s top experts in the field, Dr. Lyndall Mollart.


The soles of the feet reflect the entire being, that is the physical and emotional state of the body. This is especially true with pregnancy, labour/childbirth and the postnatal period (known as the perinatal period) with many changes happening to the woman and her surroundings such as her health (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual), relationships, work and home life.

Webinar Overview

How can reflexology benefit women during the perinatal period?

A concept of reflexology is that it will balance and harmonise the being so that a woman can attain and maintain health and wellbeing during pregnancy and assist in the postnatal recovery (Enzer 2011). There have been 26 randomised controlled trials and many more experimental studies have now demonstrated that maternity reflexology has the ability to reduce in symptoms relating to uncomfortable and painful conditions such as foot oedema (Mollart 2003), constipation (Woodward 2008), fatigue (Li 2009, Shobeiri et al 2017), low back pain (Close et al 2015) and postnatal depression (Cho and Lee 2015). It has been shown by many studies that reflexology reduces the duration in labour and pain during labour (Mirzaei et al 2010, Valiani et al 2010, Dolatian et al 2011, Levy et al 2020), and assist in recovery after caesarean sections (Razmjoo et al 2012, Thottingal 2013).

We invite you to join us in this webinar, where you will be taken on a journey of discovery gaining insights to assist you in providing reflexology to the pregnant client, and perhaps view the impact of the sole to soul connection for both mother and the growing baby.

This webinar introduces the holistic integrated maternity reflexology post-graduate certificate course which is conducted over 4 days i.e. 2 weekends. All units are interwoven, from infertility, conception, pregnancy, childbirth through to postnatal and baby reflexology, to support essential skills and knowledge from a reflexologist’s perspective.

The Webinar Includes

  • Explain the pregnant feet (growing baby) and Sole to Soul connection
  • Describe the major cautions and contra-indications when providing reflexology to pregnant and postnatal women
  • Opportunity to ask Questions about Maternity Reflexology
  • Outline the Maternity Reflexology post-graduate certificate course and requirements


This post graduate workshop is suitable for those with Reflexology experience