Lyn’s Top 10 Thoughts on Achieving Success

Lyn Fava

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1. Passion – if you are not passionate about your business chose something else. Passion helps you ride the highs and the lows. When business gets tough and you think you have lost your way…go back to the feet. It always helps me understand why I must do what I do. It gives me the reality check and refreshes my passion.

2. Have a clear vision – know where you want to be- you don’t have to know how you are going to get there.

3. Persistence – keep going…. you just may have to alter your route if things seem not to be going right. “It is always darkest just before dawn” Many successful business people admit that the greatest breakthroughs occur just when they thought everything was going pear shaped.

4. You do not have to know every thing…. trust me that is one thing I do know…call on and surround yourself with people who have areas of expertise that you require.

5. Mentors – surrounds your self with business and personal mentors. Look to people who you admire and are successful in life. ..or are doing what you want to be doing.

6. Listen to Inspirational CDs or read inspirational books. It helps lift your vibration, gives you a new perspective and I find they help to keep me motivated to follow my dream. Watching the Olympians, or brilliant musicians, chefs, or other driven people always inspires me.

7. Attend business building workshops associate with other professionals who are not in your industry. Continue to educate your self, not just in reflexology.

8. Have fun – the hours you may need to put in need to be enjoyable. Go to play not work. If, fundamentally, it isn’t fun. Reconsider your business.

9. Don’t try to be…just be. Enlightenment comes to those who are present in the moment, with purity of heart and purity of thought.

10. Dharma or purpose in life.
“When you express your unique talent, and use them in service of humanity, you lose track of
time and create abundance in your life as well as the lives of others.” Deepak Chopra

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