Course Description

This Course is designed to provide participants with a basic understanding of diet and nutrition. It enables participants to use the principles and practices of the art of good advice and planning to support these life enhancements. Allowing enhanced home care to be added for all clients.


The course is conducted over 30 x 1 hour workshops (30 hours) and is a mixture of theory, discussion and practical homework.


Healthy eating and wellbeing for the complementary therapy client Identify the constituents of a healthy eating programme for the customers to include:
• Knowledge of basic nutrients and their sources
• How processing/environmental pollution affects the nutrient value of food
• Elements of a balanced diet and the importance of eating regularly
• The general effects of nutritional imbalances on health and wellbeing
• Metabolism, basal metabolic rate and units of energy
• labelling


Online tutorial style with powerpoint for each student


Please email to [email protected] for more detail