About ASRR

“It takes a village to raise a child”.
African proverb

History of ASRR

ASRR was established in 1986 by Trevor Steel.
Trever studied under Dwight Byers and was the first official Australian representative to teach the Original Ingham Method of Reflexology®. Dee Leamon and Carol McBain, together with Trevor were among the founding members of the Reflexology Association of Australia.

On Trevor’s sudden passing in 1995, Dee and Carol purchased the School and became Co-Principals. Brain O’Neil Vice Principal, (pictured) travelled to deliver seminars, and grow awareness of reflexology to Country Victoria.

Numerous International Masters of Reflexology came to Australia thru The ASRR to share an advanced methodology of Reflexology. This added a richness to courses and training on offer to our growing modality here in Australia.

Lyn Fava, having been a tutor at ASRR since 2001, purchased and took on the roll as Principal in July 2007. Her aim was to expand the curriculum to meet accredited government training standards. Also, to continue and build on relationships with international and local leaders in reflexology methodology and research and share this understanding to support humanity.

ASRR Timeline
We are proud of our history and role it has played for our industry.
We have great foundations and support for the next part of our journey to take reflexology a step further.


– Dee Leamon and Carol McBain researched complementary & natural therapies to assist with their Children’s health problems.
– They heard about an American by the name of Dwight Byers who was coming to Australia to teach a pressure point technique on the feet to tune up the body for better health.
– This of course was The Original Ingham Method of Reflexology.


– Trevor Steel Founded the Australian School of Reflexology and Relaxation (ASRR)
– Trevor Steele became Dwight Byers’ official lecturer in Australia and he set up the ASRR. Carol and Dee joined his School as tutors.
– From here many introductory workshops were offered throughout Victoria, by Brian O’Neil.
– Basic Course licensed with The International Institute of Reflexology was offered as a part time course.


– The advanced Practitioner Certificate of Reflexology was introduced, to meet Private Health Fund requirements.
– Reflexology was added as one of the Private Health Funds services on offer.


– Post Graduate Program Introduced.
– International Reflexology Specialist Guests were invited to present their methods of reflexology in the form of Post Graduate Training.


– Trevor died suddenly in 1996
– Dee and Carol took over the School as Co-Principals and Bryan O’Neil as Vice Principal.
– From here many introductory workshops were offered thru out Victoria, by Brian O’Neil and other tutors.


– The first Diploma of Reflexology was added to the Health Science Training package.
– Lyn Fava took over the ASRR as Principal and owner. Dee & Carol retired for formal teaching


– HLT51707 Diploma of Reflexology was offered by the ASRR in auspice arrangement with a Registered Training Organisation. These organisations we gathering up industry specialists to add to their core subjects. Government funding was introduced for the Diploma and available thru Skills Victoria Funding. We were the only Specialist Reflexology School offering the full qualification written by Reflexologists for Reflexologists.


– With changes by the Government Training Industry, and the ceasing of funded training for reflexology, ASRR looked towards the shorter, more industry-focused Certificate of Clinical Reflexology, developed and regulated thru the Reflexology Association of Australia. From here, we are free to revisit the original methods of delivery, including the best practices learned from ASQA skills and quality assurance… and take the middle road to provide the best outcome for all..a solid foundation upon which to grow.

Our Core Values

Duty of care

In all we do, say and act, we respect ourselves, other people and our environment. We are accountable for our actions and work for the higher good of all.


Between us we have a host of skills; by working as a team we can climb mountains. We are inclusive of all in our care, no man is left standing alone. We are quick to ask –How can I help you?

Positive Mindset

We begin each day with a positive mindset. When the days are tough we reflect on the bigger picture or recognize the beauty in a moment, knowing we are playing our part in making the world a little better.


In all aspects of our rolls, we work to the best of our ability; We continue to strive for ways of improving and developing new skills. We take pride in all we do.


We bring a sense of fun, lightness and enjoyment to any activity we are involved with. If it “aint fun no more” we reassess what we are doing.

Be Memorable

In all we do we strive to be memorable by doing over and above what is expected.

Mission Statement & Vision

Mission Statement

We offer inclusive, supportive learning environments for all those who aspire to assist the health and wellbeing of humanity thru reflexology.


To continue to expand the awareness and benefits of reflexology, both locally and globally, thru creative face to face and online platforms, along with ground breaking research and innovative scholarship programs.

Care, Compassion and Community

At the Australian School of Reflexology and Relaxation words such as care, compassion and community become an integral part of your learning. Our focus is at the heart of your general well-being and in discovering your significant place in society. We ask; What part can you play in making this world a better place?

Established in 1986, we at the ASRR have built and continue to evolve a holistic based learning environment founded on generations of Reflexology Teachings. Our focus is on providing a solid foundation and sustainable practice skills for reflexology. This foundation supports the Student looking to provide reflexology skills for care of family and friends.

For the students looking for professional education, we provide the reflexology industry skills and knowledge required to became professional reflexologists. Our solid foundation skills support each student’s ability to further develop and specialise in our post graduate training programs…as well as being set to explore worldwide developments in the industry.

We focus on evolving reflexology skill, bringing in new understanding of today’s health requirements and focusing on the sacred art as well as the science of reflexology.

Having gathered worldwide masters, experts and teachers of their field, taking on their years of experience and practice in methodology we have created a forefront of integrated education, focusing on the specialised modality that it is.

We pride ourselves on being the best at what we do and share all such knowledge with our students.
 Distinctive and unique, we accept each pupil is an individual and nurture individual characteristics and innate wisdom. We encourage each student to step into their power and realise their dreams.

We are proud to now offer the Industry Accredited (RAoA) Certificate of Clinical Reflexology. Our course is written by Reflexologists, for Reflexologists and taught by passionate successful Reflexology practitioner educators!! Integrating all that is needed to support and mentor students into private practice.

We build on the community and sense of family with the ASRR and continue with students’ journeys well after they graduate, offering a host of post graduate and professional courses, as well as participation opportunities in community projects related to health and wellbeing.

We invite you to become part of the family and discover how you too, can make a difference.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an art and science based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet, hands, ears and face that correspond to all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the human being.

Reflexology is a unique method using finger, thumb and hand techniques on reflex points which actively engage with the whole being, bringing about a profound sense of balance and relaxation.

It is in this state of relaxation that healing occurs. As the parasympathetic nervous system is engaged, digestion, sleep, elimination, immune activity, oxygenation, and nutrition of cells is activated.


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