What you will learn?

Massage techniques using hot and cold stones How to use hot stones in conjunction to energy balancing (Chakras) Contrast therapy History of how stone massage Benefits of hot stone massage
Safety & Hygiene practices Client care

Upon completion of this course

You will be able to give a full body hot stone massage
You will have an ITEC certificate in stone therapy massage
You can become a practitioner in hot and cold stone massage

Case studies
MCQ exam
ITEC practical exam

Stone therapy goes beyond the realms of traditional massage by transmitting and neutralising energy, removing blockages, dissolving stress and balancing the body to create a feeling of total well-being.
Hot stone massage therapy combines the human touch with heated basalt lava stones to relieve muscle tension, restore balance and melt away stress.
Cool stones are used and crystals oils added to give the greatest treatment you can give.
Employed or self employed