Epworth Hospital Oncology ‘Feel Good’ Month – November 2018

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Epworth Hospital Oncology ‘Feel Good’Month –November 2018 As part of monthly focus to help improve the lives of people living with cancer, Epworth Hospital had a “Feel good” theme for November.

I placed a call for volunteers, the response from ASRR students graduates and RAoA members was overwhelming.

19 Volunteersprovided a wonderful representation of reflexology to the patients,Carers and staff of the Epworth Hospital Oncology unit.

Based on experience and expertise from Carmen Barnsley, A brief on treatment protocol was sent to the reflexologists to ensure the success of the program.

Feedback for Epworth:

I don’t even know what to say about today…. I am truly speechless with gratitude.
I have attached a photo that I think sums up the day. The patient feedback is brilliant (once they had woken up or returned from their relaxed state). Annie and Nonie have been lovely to have in the department and the staff have loved having them here.
I can’t thank you enough for helping to provide this amazing, positive experience for the patients (and staff).

Marianne Heppell – Epworth Freemasons

Reflexology feedback from patients

“Chemo was so nice today. The Ativan worked but on top of that, with everyone dressed up and the reflexologists treating us I was so relaxed I had a sleep. Thank you”
“That was amazing”
“Can I really have some reflexology? That would be amazing!”
“If you can do anything to help me relax, that would be great”
“It was really lovely”
“Brilliant, they should be here all the time”
“I would love it to be a permanent thing”

Feedback from the reflexologists

“A really nice unit with a very caring vibe. You can tell the staff all really care for their patients”
“You treat the patients like humans, not just numbers or even just as patients”

Staff feedback

“It’s been great having them here”
“The patients love having the reflexologists here”

Reflexologists testimonial:

Tuesday was the most wonderful experience at Epworth. Libby and I were so welcomed, and so appreciated by the clients. For my part I felt as though I was ‘at home’. I love working in this context and even though it is tough, and the underlying sense of mortality is in your face, the cheerful love and commitment of the staff gave an atmosphere of positivity and joy which transcended everything. On arriving had asked if there was a chapel, I asked this as most hospitals have this space, and I thought it could be reassuring to go there. The spirituality was however, right in the place where all the action was, and it was palpable!
I am so glad I seized the opportunity to participate in your wonderful venture, and thank you for initiating this Lyn.
With appreciation Christine Champion.

Thank you, Nonie Crozier, Anna,Glade-Right, Catie Brown, Sue Clements, Gail Squires,
Jasmina Kotorac,KimPuleio,CathHorner, PamLewis, MargaretMyer, Carmen Barnsley,
Stephanie Sheppard, Simon Tang ,Christine Champion, Libby Ozolins, Esther Sheppard,
Anne Love and Vittoria Eals

Epworth will be doing a feature in their magazine. They have asked us to promote this program thru social media.

I will meet with Marianne – program coordinator, about the future of reflexology with ASRR and funding opportunity for reflexologists.Let’s hope this is a beginning for recognition of reflexology as a synergistic service in our current health care system here in Victoria
I Have sent the report from Epworth to the RAoA for inclusion in Footprints.

With Gratitude,
Lyn Fava
Principal ASRR

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Epworth Hospital Oncology ‘Feel Good’ Month – November 2018

As part of monthly focus to help improve the lives of people living with cancer, Epworth Hospital had a “Feel good” theme for November.

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