Fr Josef’s 5 min Reflexology Routine

Fr Josef’s

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Father Josef was the founder of the Father Josef Method of Reflexology (FJM Reflexology ®). He is a man with a depth of knowledge, but is able to impart his knowledge in a very simple way, so as everyone can benefit from reflexology. One if his missions’ is that one member of every family learn reflexology to assist with the health care crisis. He says:

“Learn the reflexology skill to reduce the health care bill”

Do this routine each morning to kick start your day, and awaken your body.
Each movement is to have 4x 4 repetitions.
Count 1,2,3,4; 2,2,3,4; 3,2,3,4; 4,2,3,4;

Begin by standing comfortably and taking a few deep breaths.

1. Finger tip tapping
Tap together all of your fingertips. This works the reflexes of your head/ brain/sinuses.

2. Webbing all fingers
(Base of all fingers) – tap to stimulate sinuses, lymphatic, eye and ear reflexes.

3. Webbing between thumb and 2 nd finger
Tap together the webbing to stimulate reflex associated with neck, between shoulder blades and lymphatic system. (Alternate hands with each count of 4)

4. Slap back of fingers
Release tension in face (beauty routine) (alternate hands with each count of 4).

5. Punching fist into palm
Make a fist and punch it into the other hand. Then swap sides and punch the opposite hand. This
works the reflexes of the chest /lung and abdominal area.

6. Side of hand thumbs together
Have your palms facing away from you. Tap the sides of the thumbs to stimulate the reflexes of the
upper back.

7. Heel of hands
Tap the heels of the hands together to stimulates lower back reflexes.

8. Side of hands little fingers together
Have palms facing you and tap little fingers together to stimulates shoulders and hip reflexes.

9. Clapping hands in prayer position
Cup your hands together and clap to work the reflexes of the skeletal system (head, back, hips

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