Marketing Tips for Reflexologists

Lyn Fava

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“Marketing is educating people so they can make an informed decision” Steve Baker (Co founder of Global Growth Business solutions, Business Coach) explains that there are 2 sides to business:

What you do and
Letting people know what you do

Marketing is simply telling your story and getting people to listen to your story, so

Marketing is a communication tool to help people to buy.

What I have found is some reflexologists have difficulty explaining reflexology to the general public in a manner that sounds credible.

This is what I found works for me:

“Reflexology is a specialized form of massage. There are reflex points on the hands, feet and head that correspond to all of the body parts including glands and organs.

When there is congestion in a part of the body, it shows up as a tender spot on the related reflex in the foot, we work this reflex point to unblock nerve pathways, improve circulation and bring back balance to assist the body to heal itself.”

Depending on the person, I may go on to describe Father Josef’s findings FJM reflexology in relation to nerve endings, change in tissue constitution and tender areas on the feet.

Given any opportunity, I would do a demonstration to prove my point, relating a tender point found on the hand back to their body part. I would usually go for between the shoulder blades, or just trust my intuition.

I have always found that people need to feel reflexology, as the description is too abstract for most.

Once I hold their hand, I know I have their attention and I am then in my comfort zone. Find something that works for you, practice saying it and make sure it makes sense.

I had been demonstrating reflexology on a Heath promotions manager. He was so impressed with
reflexology, but needed to take something to present to his peers as to why offer reflexology over massage for the workplace?

The following is what I submitted:

Yes we did implement the reflexology program!

Promoting to the general community
I like to promote where I can add a value to an organized event. The benefit of this is that the organization provides the venue, the marketing and all the management of the event. I simply turn up with a group of reflexologists and provide a service in exchange for advertising my wares. It is best to be seen year after year supporting the same event, as people need to meet you more than
once to build a relationship, of trust, and viability.

It is better to choose an event, or a couple of events that are close to your heart. Build it into your marketing plan (view this as your, giving back to the community or tithing).

Don’t float aimlessly promoting at just any event which comes along, be selective, as you will soon lose your energy and will not gain any real business benefit. There must always be a fair exchange of energy. You need to feel that you are making a difference.

If you love organizing events, use your skills and organize the reflexology team.
If you are a little shy or new to reflexology promotions, then support other reflexologists or therapists who have organized events.

What ever happens, work with other reflexology practitioners. It gives everyone more presence .A few tips:
Look professional pay attention to branding
Look like you are having fun, don’t take yourselves too seriously.
Charge for your service $1 per minute, or have it as a service provided for the organization you
are supporting. (do not undervalue our modality, but offer a good deal )
Keep it simple– no linen if possible, spray their feet and wipe down the equipment.

“When everything around you feels like its not working out, always go back and work a pair of feet, it keeps you grounded, and reminds you why the work you do is so important……

To touch a foot is to touch a soul”

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