Nurturing your Soul with Reflexology – Unlock the Keys to Happiness

Lyn Fava

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Imagine having at your fingertips a way of knowing what your soul is trying to tell you. What is blocking you from truly loving yourself , or finding your true passion for life, and ultimately finding happiness.

Currently humanity is on a soul journey opening up our heart centres to a higher vibration than has ever been experienced before. The heart centre is the key to divine love and acceptance Potentially, we are on a journey that is said to be more miraculous than we can imagine. We are challenged to release old energies represented by separation, defence, strife and struggle. The beautiful thing is that there are clues all around that assist us in recognizing blocks within ourselves so as we can help open and heal our hearts and find true happiness in our lives.

Our experience in our day to day lives, ie. How we view another person’s behaviour towards us, reflects our internal environment. You only recognize that which you know. When we react to daily external experiences this emotion will be reflected in the feet.

The heart centre holds two emotions, love and fear. So, it stands to reason that emotions are either love based, or fear based. Generally speaking, the fear comes from a sense that we are not enough, or from a sense of separation. The key to your happiness and loving relationships with others is to first love yourself.

When we react to daily external experiences this emotion will be reflected in the feet.

The soles of the feet reflect not only the physical condition of the body, but they also reveal aspects of your personality and how you perceive yourself. They display an insight to the root causes of stress or dis-ease in the body.

Firstly, Look at your feet:

The balls of the feet reflect heart happiness. If they are calloused, puffy, red, peeling, bruised or you have a bunion, this may indicate that you need to pay attention to your own heart…

Puffy swollen balls of the feet indicate supressed emotions or unshed tears. Callousing indicates protecting yourself from being hurt by others, or feeling the need to protect yourself from feeling you are being controlled emotionally by others.

A blister indicates emotions surfacing and being released once the blister has burst.

Colour of the feet represent present emotions: Red colour indicates anger, white washed out, yellow feeling indignant (cheesed off) and black and blue represent deep hurts …emotional bruising.

A bunion indicates that you are giving into beliefs that you do not hold true to yourself. I call this a peace keeper’s toe. These people tend to shut their mouths and do what needs to be done to ‘keep the peace’. The Swelling and pain around the bunion indicate feeling anger and frustration at the need to do this.

Work the reflex points of the balls of the feet by pressing and massaging deeply to release the tightness and congestion. This assists with all of the reflexes in the chest /lung cavity as well as assisting to release pent up emotions that may affect the heart centre.

Other ways to also help open the heart centre.

  • Surround yourself with pink or green –clothing, food, flowers or candles.
  • Carry a small rose quartz crystal-assists with unconditional love of the self
  • Say an Affirmation; “I love and approve of myself unconditionally” or if that is too hard at this point “show me how I can love and approve of myself unconditionally.”
  • Look for beauty in your surroundings
  • Each day do at least one thing that makes you feel good, guiltless pampering
  • Be gentle on yourself and others.
  • Smile at strangers, well just smile… see how it changes your energy and how people change towards you.

I encourage you to take a photo of the souls of your feet. As you embark on your journey of happiness watch to see physical signs of your achievements by seeing the changes in the condition of your feet. Wishing you Joy, happiness and laughter.

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